DualClip Translator

2.1.9 Beta

Translate any text with just a click


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DualClip Translator is a versatile translation tool that you can use to take text from any medium (a webpage, document, or even a video game, if you can select the text) and translate it from one language to another with no complications.

The program's options allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to each function of translation. Choose the languages you want to work with, the size of the popup window where the translation will appear, and the engine that you want to do the work.

The only problem with the application is that it will occasionally take a long time to display the translation. Waiting five or ten seconds each time you want to know what something means can get to be excessive.

DualClip Translator is a good translation tool that, despite its small flaws, should really come in handy for any user who needs some help dealing with different languages.
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